I cycled around this planted town,

The chicks in high places began to get me down.

I cycled hard for many years,

Wind-swept feelings and lonely tears,


The more I cried, the more I lied,

Until I felt consumed with pain inside.

Around in circles and over the hills,

Making tracks among the spring-time daffodils.


I crashed and then I burnt,

Nothing ever would be learnt.

Grazed knees with battle scars,

Hairy moments up against the speeding cars.


In the snowy, hail and rain,

Until I cast my padlock down the drain.

Eventually, I’d had enough,

Too much pedalling, I could feel no love.


Is this to what I had aspired?

In a moment, it was decided, “NO BICYCLE NEED BE REQUIRED”!


Sean Ransom; 21st  of February, 2020

Categories Fun