Falling out of the barroom on a Saturday night

Not sure where I need to go

The car park’s full and it’s starting to snow

I can hear the juke box putting on a show


I feel okay because I’m heading your way

Let’s dance to the happy party beat

Your engine’s cruising and you look pretty cool

Tonight, I’m going to sweep you off your feet


Party, we’re going to rock out tonight

Party, doing it right

Party, everyone is here



You’ve got the money, I got you honey

Tonight, we are going to take it to the floor

I’m going crazy for you, you can feel it too

And I’ll soon be coming back for more


Tell me that you love me

Dance along with me

I can’t change the way I feel it

And everybody needs it.


© Sean P. Ransom, 26th of February 2020.

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