I’m feeling alone, without you tonight,

Enjoyed a jar of peanut butter, with a spoon on the flight.

Comfort food delivered from a cheap white fridge,

Moonshot on a ship with a comfortable bridge.

My head aches and thumps to a constant beat,

An isolated rhythm, that feels incomplete.

The cold tap is broken on the kitchen sink,

You’re loving me more than you could ever think.

5 months underwater is where I’ve been,

Sub-atmospheric, places unseen.

Feeling electric, hands in my pocket,

Smoking engines flame from your rocket.

To touch is to trust and I feel weak,

Run my fingers through your hair, whenever we speak,

Yet being alone is all in the mind,

When wildspace calls and I’m so hard to find.


© Sean P. Ransom, 1st of March 2020.


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