Passing Through

I walked along the cliff and rested a while on a rock nearby.

I closed my eyes and dreamt of you, under a pale, crimson and salmon sky.

The sun rose over the mountains along the coast.  I need to bring your treasure close.

And I walk the path, with the gorse and the goats.

The past has melted away.  I was passing through, I felt that I should call on you.

The fool I’ve been to think I knew you.

To think you need me coming back once more.

I open the gate and knock on your remote cottage door.

I remember our happy time when your diamond smile would illuminate my stary mind.

We could enjoy unfathomed passion, dance to the rhythm of the latest fashions.

Is it right to love enough, feel the earth and know your love.

And you’re not home, so I continue my journey on my own.

To walk these hills and mountains, until the cows come home.

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