I’ll soon be back from Texas

This feeling’s getting fiery hot,

You know how you have got the lot.

When you dream, wouldn’t you agree,

I’m the only guy you see.

Meet me in your cool new Lexus,

I’ll soon be back from Texas.


Thoughts they move around your head,

I will be your man instead.

You know I like the way you dress,

To that I simply will confess.

Heaven’s luck can only save us,

I’ll soon be back from Texas.


You have a vision in your trippy mind,

For your comfort I will have the time.

I could pick you out from any flower,

Tonight will be our finest hour.

The stars are out for our success,

I’ll soon be back from Texas.


© Sean P. Ransom,  15/3/2020.

Published by:

Sean P. Ransom

I have grown up around music and realise it's universality. I aim to enable as many individuals to come together in peace throughout the world. I have specialist knowledge and feel driven towards the pursuit of fun and happiness.

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