The 1995 Golden Dance

You don’t talk of mirrors

Nor of grains of sand

Nor of being hoodwinked as part of a plan

No considerations of love

What the hell could go wrong

The abuse that we’re getting

For singing along


You speak of the glory

As they offer you dust

While the world becomes real

Like someone you trust

No talking of water

While you pay through the nose

Watching gold prices rising

Pouring out of your hose


A brave dawn is breaking

Wise pearls fall like rain

History stepped in

So this wouldn’t happen again

The trap which was set

(And it’s fuelled with lies)

Will have us blindfolded and bound

As we wave our goodbyes


The mind is pathetic

It drowns our acuity

Stir up the genetic

To save us from purity

The mystery of space

Is where we bind our romance

The pills we consume

Won’t teach us to dance


Twirling in motion

To express how we feel

To be isolated and tortured

Wasn’t part of the deal

Life is too precious

To be left walking in ash

In a world without fire

And a shortage of cash



© Sean P. Ransom 1/5/2020+