The Penguin

The penguin is a bird which lives on the land.

Mainly the penguin lives on the ice and hops around the rocks.

The ice is the land to the penguin.

The penguin cannot fly like a flamingo.

Instead the penguin’s wings are used more like flippers and the penguin is a good swimmer.

The flamingo is a pink bird, whereas the penguin is a piebald bird.

The ‘Penguin’ is a character from Batman.

(The ‘Penguin’ character from Batman is not a bird, but a human representation of a bird).

The ‘Penguin’ Batman character, like the penguin bird cannot fly.

In fact neither the penguin bird, nor the ‘Penguin’ Batman character can fly without the aid of an aeroplane, nor without some other form of airborne transportation.

Bats are animals which fly, although a bat is not a bird.

The bat is nocturnal and likes the darkness.

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