My World Unwound

The passion which I need to measure

Is to kiss your mouth of forbidden pleasure

Romancing with your joyful clarity

Caressing the pearl of your virginity


Time is moving our space in chains

Your gorgeous hair matches your smile again

I stumble alone and feel your plight

With a luminous moon’s temptation in the night


Hours have passed since I sent that text

How could I tread so lightly with my feelings vexed?

I watched from afar while your tears drained into a well

Like the rhythm of a storm flowing from a daemons’ spell


My heart danced with the intoxicated crowd

And I sung your name so brave and loud

The angels saw my moves and listened carefully

Animals joined in with the sweetest harmony


Now your love feels forever gone

I will rue the day when I was wrong

I feel so hopelessly heaven bound

To live a dream in a world unwound


© Sean P. Ransom 8/5/2020