Sunken City

On the beach I hear a chiming bell

A thousand daemons swoop from hell

Lies buzz down the telegraph lines

They babble words of a storm sublime


A colony of rabbits play outside the tent

The skies darken and the ridge pole’s bent

My girl is so sweet and she’s on the line

She says that she is doing fine


Then I observe it in her southern sea

She whips up the wind’s insanity

From the church I gain a second sight

Tumbled down shadows loom in the night


A meteor explodes high up in the sky

The wind picks up, I feel so sad and begin to cry

Then an anger boils deep inside my brain

And I wish that I was back home again


The next day back in Stevenage

I loose my girl and break the fridge

I try to reason what is going on

And write my feelings into a song


My friends think I am a berk

The drugs I take don’t appear to work

I feel even sadder now and that is clear

I shake like a man gripped with a morbid fear


Sweat pours from around my neck

I spend two hours looking for my guitar pick

Now I remember dreams of when she was pretty

As I dive beneath the waves of a sunken city


© Sean P. Ransom  10/5/2020