The Wizard’s Rhyme

Out rambling along the East Anglian coast on an autumn’s day,

Sensing a ghostly presence, I was inexorably drawn in a mysterious way.

I heard an ethereal voice from a cave beside the cold of the wild North Sea,

Dancing, lilting words of numbers in their terse simplicity.

“Remember, mother nature knows your ways” he said,

“There are some crazy notions masquerading inside your head.

Once you could recognise your reflection in the cool of the still water,

Now you appear tattered and decaying like the petals of a wilted flower.

You must surrender your spirit and replenish from within,

Let the wind in your hair, because soon you’ll learn to begin.

To face the changes with every beat of your heart,

Fear the world, before she tears you apart”!

The weight of his words, felt so real and so deeply sublime,

The enchanted wisdom of a wizard’s rhyme.


©  Sean P. Ransom 17/5/2020