Why are you back here again?

Did I make you feel too crazy?

Did I begin to feel too old?

If I tried to make you happy

Would our future then unfold?


Was it something that we said?

Were your tears flowing untrue?

Were you only talking to the dead?

Did I work too hard for you?


When you were twenty-four

A link went missing from your jaw

You vanished out of sight and mind

The trail went cold and we went blind


Your suitcases packed for better times

I read between our blurring lines

Six years I dreamt your lover’s skin

Until the past became your king


You had your pleasure and your fun

Flirting beneath the summer sun

Then you returned on a hover train

So why are you back here again?


© Sean P. Ransom 23/5/2020

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I have grown up around music and realise it's universality. I aim to enable as many individuals to come together in peace throughout the world. I have specialist knowledge and feel driven towards the pursuit of happiness and fun. 😃

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