Wise Men and Wizards

Mother nature you look so weary and sombre

If I feel that I could make you glow and cheer

We would all feel happier and so much stronger

Mankind would not exist in this perpetual state of fear


Today I felt your falling tears of acid rain

Wading chest deep in your plastic choked rivers and seas

Next to your sublimating ice-caps in the midst of your sunburnt pain

This beautiful earth is standing gasping at your knees


Your good animals are running terrified and scared

Your forests deadened with an awesome sullen silence

To imagine that no one ever really dared to care

To see your globe with it’s endless roads to violence


What’s for the table’s filled with sugared fats and salt

Making us ill from rich to poor in terms of health

I see you frown from your window at our planet’s fault

Watching wise men and wizards playing for pots of enormous wealth


Mother nature when you were happy we were complete

In your mood don’t feel so worried nor feel upset

Now there’s nowhere to dance and nowhere for us to meet

Remember that we had great times that we could ne’er forget


So from your far-off universal cosmic platform

Look kindly on our rocky planet’s crazy style

Please make your disdainful world a place we can reform

And wise men and wizards will make you smile


© Sean P. Ransom  7/6/2020