The Magpie Rhyme

I saw a piebald baby fledgling

Fallen from the holly tree

It never made it to the wing

Chirping in the rain at me


I went outside to try to help

All day long to hear it meep

To see the deal the bird was dealt

I could not even get to sleep


The parents swooped like airborne actors

Diving at my hairy head

They squawked and screamed like vicious raptors

Screeching with their wings outspread


I raised the chick to the holly tree

And it chirped alone for one whole week

I felt so sad and unhappy

Listening to it’s awful cheep


Then one morning the bird did stop

Was the chick now gone and dead?

Was it the bird that the cat had got?

I lay awake alone in bed


Later I became so ill

I slowly weakened and grew pale

I sapped of strength and lost for will

My face looked like a beluga whale


My skin was cold with heavy sweat

My blood felt black just like the bird

I heard a sound not to forget

Before I came back to this world


Now when I hear a bird in trouble

I lay back and start to dwell

I feel good and in my bubble

Because the magpie flew away to hell



© Sean P. Ransom  11/6/2020