The Pirate

The bounty is too weighty

The tide is salty raw

I spy a dozen drunken sailors

Dancing along the shore

The time to look is over

Now’s time to band as one

Whilst the ship is anchored

We row towards the sun


Charged to store our booty

Deep in nature’s caves

We fight and often win

And triumph with the waves

We could steal an army

Stow her in the hold

Yet my sight is fading fast

And I fear for growing old


The breath I take is shallow

I gasp heavy with the breeze

I feel the night sky so starlit vast

And stumble loaded to my knees

My bones feel dead and weary

My skin feels dry like coal

Soon I’ll trust no more to tell the sea

I play this dreadful battle rôle


© Sean P. Ransom   30/6/2020